How do we book you?

You can send a mail with your details and request to:

Do you retouch photos?

Always tastefully, never over the top.
This includes: General color grading, skin corrections when needed and overall background adaptations.

If there are any specific wishes you may send an extra inquiry. Depending on the amount of work it requires, you might have to pay a surplus of €50/h.

Do you Travel?

Hell yes.
Surprise me with your wildest photoshoot-wishes. Together we will find a way to capture your adventure abroad.

How many photos do we get?

Each package indicates a minimum number of high resolution images that are included in the price. The actual amount can vary depending on the session.
You definitely won't get less, you might get a few more.

How do we get our photos?

You will receive an online download link.

What's your turn around time?

Usually it is 1 to 3 weeks.
You will receive sneak peaks in the meantime after the session.

What should we do for an engagement session?

Some people want to reenact their proposal, others want to mix couples poses including a focus on the ring.
It all depends on what the engagement announcement symbolises for you.

We can find the perfect fit for you as a couple.

What should we wear?

Most importantly, you should wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. To bring life into the images you can combine soft and neutral colors with a warm color tone.

Examples of neutrals:
Beige, peach, pastels, khaki, taupe

Examples of vivid colors:
White, ivory, black, ruby red, golden yellow, emerald green or royal blue.

To avoid:
Big logos or prints, flashy colors and too many accessories.

What about bad weather conditions?

Your session can be postponed up to 2 times in agreement with both me as the photographer and you as the client.

Important: Harsh sunlight is not optimal and clouds don't mean bad weather. Clouds actually filter harsh light and soften your skin.

What about cancellations?

Do mind the cancellation policy mentioned in 'Terms & Conditions'.